• Commitment to excellence
  • Commitment to excellence

Commitment to excellence

At the forefront in improving processes

The mold release agents represent the division that has a higher level of specialization. Hence the following product families arise:
•Release agents for polyurethane foams
•Stabilizers for polyurethane foams
•Release agents for non-ferrous metal alloys

In addition to these three major product families, the company produces a variety of auxiliary products for the processing industry. This extensive catalog includes: industrial injection processes, compression, roto-molding and thermoplastic casting, rubbers, reactive resins, thermosetting resins, glass, iron and concrete, among others.

Today, the experience in this division, has enabled us to give service and coverage to a wide variety of industrial sectors and be present in all continents, with customers worldwide that have allowed us to acquire a great knowledge of the market.

The release agents for polyurethane represent one of our star products for this division, thanks to a continued high degree of innovation. The first products which left Concentrol laboratories in 1968 were precisely release agents for polyurethane foams, products that have become benchmarks worldwide.

Our network of partners, distributors and licensees worldwide, has been an important and fundamental fact that has allowed us exponential growth and a very close and constant contact with our customers.

Concentrol is already part of the small group of industry-leading companies, but we work on a day to day basis to get higher leadership quotes in the near future, through our release agents for polyurethane foams, silicone stabilizers and release agents for non-ferrous alloys.

At the forefront in improving processes

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